F8 foundations Class

Our Foundation Class is our beginner level Self Defense class. You will learn situational awareness and self-defense techniques by trained professionals in the field of self defense and law enforcement. This class is 70-75 min long and consists of 8 sessions, one weekly. During each session you will have a classroom presentation, a hands on self defense practice and a fitness HIIT style workout for all levels. During the last session you will get the opportunity to test your skills in a safe environment with a trained instructor in a padded suit. This class will give you the knowledge and skills to Control your Fate!

F8 Horizons Class

Our Horizons Class is our level 2 class to our Foundations class. This class takes off where the Foundation Class ended. You will learn advanced skills taught by trained professionals. This class is 70-75 minutes long and consists of 8 sessions, one weekly. During each session you will learn self defense techniques, have ample time to practice those skills on top of the line bags and training equipment. Go through a fitness HIIT style workout for all levels.

Group Fitness Classes

Our group fitness classes combine cardio and strength training. We have a full fitness gym complete with all the tools needed to have a full body workout. Group fitness classes are 50 minutes, Each of our fitness classes are small groups, max number of 10, we have ample room to spread out. We clean and sanitize after each station and after each class.

Personal Training

We offer personal training. Call or email today to set up a time to consult with our personal trainer. She will help guide you through a fitness program that is tailored to your needs.

F8 is better together

To maximize the value of your training we highly encourage signing up with family and friends. The shared experience of training together will give you a network of support after you’ve completed your training as well as strengthening the bond you feel for one another.

Call or email us today to schedule a class
time, we will cater to your needs.

F8 is the premier destination for women’s situational awareness and self-defense training.


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