F8 is the premier destination for women’s situational awareness and self-defense training. Our fitness-based training program is focused on improving your health and confidence by arming you with ready to apply skills and techniques that are proven to ensure safety and maximize well-being.

be a bad target

what does it mean?

“Be A Bad Target” means being fully aware and engaged with your surroundings. It means knowing how to assess it for potential danger and what to do to evade it. It means having resiliency in times of intense stress and total confidence in your abilities, the kind that only comes with adequate training and preparation. 

8 session Training COURSE

F8 is a safe and supportive environment to build crucial situational awareness and self-defense skills that are nearly impossible to learn anywhere else.

our team

Meet our team of experienced professionals



I’m Joey, Manager, Instructor and Trainer at F8.I am an educator, certified personal trainer, and self-defense instructor.

Current and Past:



I’m Laura, Instructor and Trainer at F8.

I am from St. Louis, Missouri. I am a wife and proud mother of two. I moved to Springfield in 2014 and started with the Springfield Police Department where I’ve worked patrol, community services, investigations and am currently serving as a K9 Officer.



I’m Christopher, Instructor and Trainer at F8.

I am a retired Law Enforcement Officer with the Springfield Police Department where I had the honor to serve the community for 25 years.

Current and Past:

  • Executive Director of Safety & Security – Drury University
  • B.S. Criminal Justice – Drury University
  • Retired Law enforcement Officer – Springfield MO Police Department (1994- 2019)
  • Technical Skills Coordinator for the Springfield Missouri Police Academy  (2005 – 2015)
  • Missouri POST Generalist and Specialist Instructor
  • Member of ILEETA – ILEETA conference presenter
  • Instructor trainer in defensive tactics, firearms, and less lethal control tools
  • Emergency driving instructor (EVOC)
  • Law enforcement physical fitness specialist
  • Martial Artist for over 30 years




I’m Steve, Instructor and Trainer at F8.

I am a husband and proud father of two. I have been a defensive tactics instructor since 1996. I served 9½ years in the United States Marine Corps, with the last four years on a training staff. I retire from the Springfield Police Department after 23½ years, at the rank of Sergeant. I served 6 years in the training unit of the SPD. I have been a trainer with Drury University Law Enforcement Academy since 1996. I am currently serving as the Assistant Director of DULEA



I’m Tony, Instructor and Trainer at F8.

I am a 23 year law enforcement veteran. I have trained in martial arts for 30 years. I have studied Tae Kwon Do, Judo, Aikido, grappling, unarmed combatives, and currently train in the Israel combatives program Haganah. I am a certified law enforcement instructor and have been teaching for 9 years.

F8 is the premier destination for women’s situational awareness and self-defense training.


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